Thursday, July 23, 2009

Puppy Love

Ok, so we got a new puppy!!! I was told about him thru my friend Tanya! His name is Bentley, he is a male Yorkie, he is the biggest BRAT!! He has the best peronality tho. We really wanted the kiddos to have a small puppy that they could grow up with and play with. He loves them very much! Sometimes I think that he thinks Emma is a chew toy, but she loves him. He so far as inquired a pacifier from Emma, (and he carries in his mouth just like she does) and a Nitenite from Ashton. He is def. a part of the family! Our other animals, love him. He tries his hardest to play with the cat, but Sam is not so sure about him just yet. Can't really get him to go potty out side (any suggestions?) I am charging my camera today, so I will get some pics of him tonight and put on here!! His first night in his new home he did very well in the crate, last night however was a different story! He cried until about mid night, so I got up and let him out, and he slept the rest of the night!! He's a stinker!! But, a pretty cute one!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I am so ready for the weekend!! Yesterday when my mom picked Ashton up from daycare he was in timeout! This first time out at school!!! (that I know of anyway) So Cody and I told him last night that he could not watch any of his shows since he was in trouble...We thought that it was going to be a long night! But he did fine! Just as we were about to go to be, he tried climbing over the dog gate, that we put up at night. He fell! We thought that he had hurt him self pretty bad, so I was trying to get him to walk because he kept complaing of his leg hurting...So I tried to bribe him with getting to watch Dora! and with all the crying and screaming he stops and says "no mommy I can't watch Dora I am in trouble" HAHA!! What a good kid!!! He was ok tho, I don't think that he will try and do that again....not for a while anyway!! I need to put some pictures up...I will try and do that this weekend! Hope everyone had a great week, and has an even better weekend!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ok Tanya has been on me for a week (or 2) now about updating my blog, so here it goes! I know, I am not very good at this, I need more pictures up and need to be writting more. So 3 sundays ago, Me,Cody, Tanya, Scoot, and Marty started playing Indoor soccer. Its a lot of fun, if you have nothing better to do on Sunday afternoons you should come out and watch! It can be pretty commical at times. (Go figure). The Saturday that all the bad storms blew thru, we lost electricity, a fence, and power lines. It was not fun at all, I was ok until Cody started freaking out, or maybe it was when the firemen said that we needed to get out of there.(our house)!! SCARRY!!!! We finally got electricty back around 1:30 Sunday afternoon, it was fantastic!! Ashton started tumbling classes a couple of weekes ago, he LOVES it! Emma, is progressing well, she can sit up all by her self now, she even can take a "big girl" bath. Ashton, does not like to share at all! We are working on this with him...any suggestions....... he is even starting to get a little violent with Emma when it comes to "his" stuff!! He is a mess! Emma and I came down with what I thought were "allergies" on Friday night. Turns out to be a summer cold.....102 degree weather and a summer cold??????? We are still suffering, coughing sneezing, and runny noses! I have not slept in 3 nights now, and it is driving me nuts!!! I am so freaking tired! Well Tanya I hope that your are satasfied, I will try and get some new pics up in a couple of days!!! Love ya!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crawling and Blowing Bubbles

Ok, Emma learned how to blow bubbles with her tounge and slobber, its so freaking cute to watch her do this...She thinks she is such a big girl!

The Princess learned to crawl last nigh!!!! Tear!!! I really don't know if this was a preview of what is to come in the future or if she is really going to start doing it. She just rolls all over the place and last night she figured out how to let up on all fours and start going!! I am going to try to get pictures and maybe even a video of her tonight doing all of these wonderful talents!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Emma Marie Paschall

My little Princess!!! Emma is now 5 months old. She is getting so big so fast. I probably won't have a lot to say about her, seeing shes only been here 5 months. She was born Dec 29, we came home on New Years day, Daddy wanted to have her before the end of the year for tax puroposes.....He just thinks you can pop these kids out at any time. Anyway, she is very laid back, she is starting to get quite the personality. She loves to watch her brother. She got her ears peirced back in March, daddy wasn't so sure about this but, I took her anyway. He loves them now! She was baptized on April 25th. We had lots of family in from Austin, it was a very special day. She started eating baby food at her 4 month check up. She weighed 14 lbs, the Dr. said it was time to start chunking this baby up. And let me tell you she has. She loves to eat! She sleeps thru the night (very gratefull) and in her big girl bed in her room!!!

Ashton Maverick Kent Paschall

He is my little prince. He does go by his middle name a lot tho! MAVERICK!!!! He has his 3rd birthday coming up in a couple of months, and believe me he is 3 going on 10. He is at a very very fun stage right now. He is learning so much from is friends and wonderful teachers at day care. He loves his "Emma Sister" very much. That is what he calls her. I call her Princess all the time, and he always always comes back with "mom hers not a princess"!!! Love this kiddo so so much!!! Ashton is very into trains, cars, basketball, and soccer. He started tumbling classes last night. Cody and I thought that this would help to burn off some much needed energy that he has in the evenings. Cody thinks that it is going to help him with his soccer skills when he is old enough to play!! I have no idea what I am going to do when this child decides that he does not want to play soccer....Its going to break his daddys heart! Ashton is a mommas boy (YAY)!!! He loves going to chuck-e-cheeses! This place was our saving grace when it came to potty training! One week of going to the big boy potty and he got to go to chuck-e-cheeses....and has been going to the potty ever since! He is not a huge TV fan, witch is great, however, once he hears Dora's voice, he is all over that TV! Cody loves this!! HA! He likes Diego and WonderPets as well, but Dora is his favorite.

Our Family

Ok, so this is my first shot at this so bare with me! Cody and I married June 18, 2005! It was an amazing day. We had our first child September 26, 2006....Ashton Maverick Kent Paschall...I know a long name. We both liked the name Ashton, Maverick....well Cody really liked that name, and this was a year that the Mavericks were in the playoffs, so I made a deal with him, If they won we could put that as his middle name....they didn't win and I lost the bet! Kent, Is after Cody's brother, Gary. Ashton was born on Garys Birthday, so we decided to give him Gary's middle name. We had our second child on December 29,2008. Emma Marie Paschall. She's our little princess. I know this is not the best family picture, its pretty hard to get a 2 1/2 year old to stay in one place long enough to just take a picture, and I am bad person, we have not had any family picutres made yet!!! I know, I know, I will try and get on that soon.