Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ashton Maverick Kent Paschall

He is my little prince. He does go by his middle name a lot tho! MAVERICK!!!! He has his 3rd birthday coming up in a couple of months, and believe me he is 3 going on 10. He is at a very very fun stage right now. He is learning so much from is friends and wonderful teachers at day care. He loves his "Emma Sister" very much. That is what he calls her. I call her Princess all the time, and he always always comes back with "mom hers not a princess"!!! Love this kiddo so so much!!! Ashton is very into trains, cars, basketball, and soccer. He started tumbling classes last night. Cody and I thought that this would help to burn off some much needed energy that he has in the evenings. Cody thinks that it is going to help him with his soccer skills when he is old enough to play!! I have no idea what I am going to do when this child decides that he does not want to play soccer....Its going to break his daddys heart! Ashton is a mommas boy (YAY)!!! He loves going to chuck-e-cheeses! This place was our saving grace when it came to potty training! One week of going to the big boy potty and he got to go to chuck-e-cheeses....and has been going to the potty ever since! He is not a huge TV fan, witch is great, however, once he hears Dora's voice, he is all over that TV! Cody loves this!! HA! He likes Diego and WonderPets as well, but Dora is his favorite.

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  1. I LOVE THE WONDERPETS! Brendan thinks I'm nuts but that little duck cracks me up! "This is sewious!" Haha!