Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ok Tanya has been on me for a week (or 2) now about updating my blog, so here it goes! I know, I am not very good at this, I need more pictures up and need to be writting more. So 3 sundays ago, Me,Cody, Tanya, Scoot, and Marty started playing Indoor soccer. Its a lot of fun, if you have nothing better to do on Sunday afternoons you should come out and watch! It can be pretty commical at times. (Go figure). The Saturday that all the bad storms blew thru, we lost electricity, a fence, and power lines. It was not fun at all, I was ok until Cody started freaking out, or maybe it was when the firemen said that we needed to get out of there.(our house)!! SCARRY!!!! We finally got electricty back around 1:30 Sunday afternoon, it was fantastic!! Ashton started tumbling classes a couple of weekes ago, he LOVES it! Emma, is progressing well, she can sit up all by her self now, she even can take a "big girl" bath. Ashton, does not like to share at all! We are working on this with him...any suggestions....... he is even starting to get a little violent with Emma when it comes to "his" stuff!! He is a mess! Emma and I came down with what I thought were "allergies" on Friday night. Turns out to be a summer cold.....102 degree weather and a summer cold??????? We are still suffering, coughing sneezing, and runny noses! I have not slept in 3 nights now, and it is driving me nuts!!! I am so freaking tired! Well Tanya I hope that your are satasfied, I will try and get some new pics up in a couple of days!!! Love ya!

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