Friday, July 10, 2009


I am so ready for the weekend!! Yesterday when my mom picked Ashton up from daycare he was in timeout! This first time out at school!!! (that I know of anyway) So Cody and I told him last night that he could not watch any of his shows since he was in trouble...We thought that it was going to be a long night! But he did fine! Just as we were about to go to be, he tried climbing over the dog gate, that we put up at night. He fell! We thought that he had hurt him self pretty bad, so I was trying to get him to walk because he kept complaing of his leg hurting...So I tried to bribe him with getting to watch Dora! and with all the crying and screaming he stops and says "no mommy I can't watch Dora I am in trouble" HAHA!! What a good kid!!! He was ok tho, I don't think that he will try and do that again....not for a while anyway!! I need to put some pictures up...I will try and do that this weekend! Hope everyone had a great week, and has an even better weekend!!

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