Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Family

Ok, so this is my first shot at this so bare with me! Cody and I married June 18, 2005! It was an amazing day. We had our first child September 26, 2006....Ashton Maverick Kent Paschall...I know a long name. We both liked the name Ashton, Maverick....well Cody really liked that name, and this was a year that the Mavericks were in the playoffs, so I made a deal with him, If they won we could put that as his middle name....they didn't win and I lost the bet! Kent, Is after Cody's brother, Gary. Ashton was born on Garys Birthday, so we decided to give him Gary's middle name. We had our second child on December 29,2008. Emma Marie Paschall. She's our little princess. I know this is not the best family picture, its pretty hard to get a 2 1/2 year old to stay in one place long enough to just take a picture, and I am bad person, we have not had any family picutres made yet!!! I know, I know, I will try and get on that soon.

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